Amazing April

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Shame on me for not posting sooner about our amazing speakers in April.  I guess I’ve either been reading their book or trying implementing the organization techniques taught.  Truly, if you missed our meetings in April, you missed a wealth of encouragement, fun, and helpful ideas.

On the first Wednesday we welcomed the authors of The Tender Years, Geri Laing and Elizabeth Laing Thompson.  This mother (& grandmother)/daughter (& mother) team shared with us Godly wisdom and their stories about the many facets of motherhood.  I really wish I could sum up all the juicy morsels of truth they provided, but honestly, you’ll just have to buy the book.  This is not a cop-out; what they spoke of is packaged so nicely between the red covers of the book I wouldn’t know where to begin to abbreviate.  Both of these women are articulate, practical, funny, and endearing.  I think I could have spent the whole rest of the day just talking with them while sipping on hot peppermint tea.  If you’re still not convinced on running out and getting a copy for yourself or a young mother you know, here is a link to that let’s you take an inside preview (just click on the picture of the book):

FYI:  Elizabeth has launched a new website and book.  Check her out at  Lots of great stuff coming from this talented mother of three little ones.


The third Wednesday was equally as fun and informative as the first.  Kaitie Bryant, a home organization professional (among many other talents), spoke to our group about getting organized and staying organized.  The take away points I gleaned from her talk were two of the most freeing pieces of information I have ever received: 1) organization is a continual process; 2) one person’s organization process may not be another’s.  This may sound like “Duh!”  But for me sometimes the simplest thought put into words is revolutionary.  I must admit that before Kaitie spoke to us, I was thinking that I would walk away from our meeting forlorn with a TO DO list longer then ever.  But no, I left feeling inspired, pumped and free.  Thanks Kaitie for making organization an exciting prospect instead of procrastinated drudgery on the ol’ chores list.

Make sure you check out Kaitie’s website,, to find out all the neat stuff Kaitie is doing and how you can contact her!


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