Felt boxes and February

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I am going to assume that many families are like ours and have lots of little things like chapstick and keys that need a home all of their own.  Well at our previous meeting, we made a home for those odds-n-ends; we made felt boxes.

Martha Stewart's Catch All Felt Boxes

The idea came from Martha Stewart’s Craft Department blog.  As you can tell from the above picture, the idea is one Martha’s company came up with for Valentine’s Day, but we adapted them to use for everyday.  Here’s a picture of one of our MOPS mom’s finished product:

Our craft leader was so smart to make us a pattern so we didn’t have to measure and cut ‘free hand.’ The instructions follow…

1-Begin by ironing a 9″ by 9″ piece of Steam-a-Seam onto a slightly larger piece of felt (left). Cut a 9″ by 9″ piece of felt in another color (right).

2-Trim felt from around the Steam-a-Seam square and remove paper backing. Cut pieces of the following measurements: four 1 3/8” squares, four 1 3/8” by 4” rectangles, one 4” by 4” square.

3-Tip: Cut the shapes as shown to get all pieces from the same square. (Pieces shown adhesive-side up).

4-Carefully align the four small squares to the corners of the 9″ by 9″ piece, sticky side down, and press in place.

5-Align the rectangles along the edges, and center between the squares, sticky side down. Press in place.*

6-Center the large square among the other pieces, sticky side down, and press in place.

7-Squeeze corner, aligning the two edges of the small square as shown. “Tack” the corner together (sew back and forth in one spot), about 1/4″ from the edge.**

8-You can add beads as you sew for a decorative touch, as I did in this photo. I also sewed some beads to the inside corners.

*To make a design in the center of your catch-all, simply cut it from the center square with a craft knife before ironing it down.

**The travel version has snaps hand-sewn into the corners, so that it can be snapped into a catch-all when needed. You can kind of see that I sewed a crystal bead opposite the snap on the outside.


Our meetings in February included two awesome speakers.  The first Wednesday of the month we had Pastor Tony Vismor come speak to us ladies on the topic “Men are from Mars.”  Tony explained that men and women were created to be different but that difference is okay and good.  He used a banana and apple as props to further explain this concept.  Both are fruit, but they each have their own unique flavor, texture, smell, and shape.  Both fruits are good but both are good in their own way.  Tony went on to provide insight in the three areas of male/female relationships that have the potential to cause tension because of these differences.  The three areas are communication, sex, and finances.  Unfortunately, time ran out before we were able to discuss finances.  Nevertheless, us ladies had a fun time generalizing ourselves and hearing Tony’s perspective as the male representative.  Thanks Tony for enduring 45 minutes of pure estrogen. 😉

The third Wednesday in February we had the honor of Ashley Goertemiller, author of Behavior Boosters, encourage us moms to continue raising our children with Godly principles.  Her “boosters” are quick, easy activities that use scripture to reinforce positive behavior in children.  We made two boosters to take home.  Ashley was a wealth of knowledge, and as a mom of 5, all under the age of 7, she shared some funny and relatable stories that demonstrated the origins of her books.  I HIGHLY recommend visiting her website:  www.behaviorboosters.com.  Find out if she is speaking in an area near you and GO!  Or invite her to speak to your group.  You won’t be disappointed.


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